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G.O Aka Game Over

They say music is the language of the soul. It’s certainly true for G.ame O.ver. Since entering the bizz in 2016, he’s earned a notable reputation as a unique Musician. Find out more below.

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The New Wave

Through his expressive lyrics and raw content, G.ame O.ver has honed in on a sound that the hip hop industry has been missing for quite some time now. Being the full embodiment of Hip Hop. G.ame O.ver brings back the elements of MC’n, DJ’n, Graffiti, & Break Dancing back to the game. 
Born in Queens, Ny and raised in Hudson County, Nj. Gio Paz started a passion for Rap and performing arts at a early point in his life. Making rapping a hobby he strived to take his music out of the hood and into the ears of potential listeners and fans. 
Making guest appearances on various mixtapes and winning local talent shows   he continued to work on his craft as he saw the industry shifting and changing to a different sound and vibe. Dropping his debut project in 2016 “Chess Not Checkers” G.O was inspired as he was able to gain traction and support from fans and supporters locally and as far as South Africa, Germany and all the way back to the good ol’ U.S of A. 
With his latest single “Body Bags”, G.ame O.ver comes with a BANG and let’s the world know Real Hip Hop in its purest form is still alive and present. The sound of the hood is the voice of the streets. A platform to express views and opinions of the often silenced people of our communities. In a day where it’s more about clout and showing off Hollywood’s influence on Rap music G.O rather stick to the basics. And give you hard beats, raw flows and a all around sound of the inner city through his melodies. 

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G.ame O.ver ft. Hitchcock - Paysos (Official Music Video)
G.O aka Game Over

G.ame O.ver ft. Hitchcock - Paysos (Official Music Video)

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G.ame O.ver ft. Hitchcock - Paysos (Official Music Video)

G.ame Over - CHECKMATE (FULL ALBUM) 47:46

G.ame O.ver - Bands In My Hands

G.ame O.ver Ft Axel Leon-Shyne

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January 2021

Produced By SpeedyBabyy, G.ame O.ver & Joell Ortiz join forces to bring you a lyrical block party that everyone’s invited to. From the heart of the barrio to the bass in your ear buds, G.O brings an extreme dynamic to the record reminding people the dues that were paid and how long he’s come. Joell takes a stroll down memory lane and reminds the people who, what, where and why he is who he is. “We Going In” is the anthem to close off 2020 with a Bang!! 

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December 2020

Produced by SpeedyBabyy, Shyne brings you back to school in hip hop 101. With a step by step guide, G.O lays out the fundamentals to getting out of the hood in details For his listeners and fans to take note and always remember. Axel Leon comes in and gives you exactly what you expect from him and vividly paints his description as he brings light to show how he shines line for line in this street banger. From touching topics as the Puffy shooting in NYC in 1999 to references of the late Big Pun, Axel deliverers a raw perspective of the game and what it brings. Shyne is every street hustlers theme song. 


November 2020

Produced by SpeedyBabyy, Real Shyt takes a look back into the elements of street life and the reality that comes with it. G.O has one on one talks with God seeking to help rid him of his past and present obstacles and hurdles he’s faced with. Uncle Murda cues off reassuring the listener he’s as real as it gets. With talks about friends hating and a taking direct jab at Tekashi 69, Uncle Murda delivers as usual and makes sure to leave his stamp and point of view for the record. 


August 2020

Produced by SpeedyBabyy, Body Bags brings a gritty vibe to your ears and sets the canvas for G.O to paint a picture reminding his listeners of not only his political views but his perspective of todays age. Styles P as expected shows no mercy and rips through his verse and shows why he indeed is one if Hip Hops heavyweight MC's. Together they murder bar for bar, pound for pound this track and leave it bodied and zipped up. -Body Bags

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July 2016

After taking a short break from music, G.ame O.ver returned to the music scene fiercer and more committed than ever. With Chess Not Checkers EP, he created some of their most compelling work to date.

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